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problems and is liable to be too intent upon short-term
objects. The whole interpretation of history which
has been more or less consciously adopted for the
purpose of fighting Germany actually prevents us from
adjusting our minds to the situation and to the possible
conflicts of this new era that has now arisen. If nothing
else were true it would still be true that, just as Francis
Bacon urged the re-examination of obvious things like
gravity, density, heat and rotation (in the heavenly
bodies), so we need a more scientific analysis of the
reasons why the twentieth century became an age of
terrible conflict, why the peculiar forms of modern
barbarism could emerge, and why (human nature being
what it is) a Power at a certain period takes to dangerous
aggression—points which, if we ever understand them
more deeply, are calculated themselves to alter the form
and framework of all our contemporary history. «,

We have not analysed aggression—analysed what it
is that makes now Spain, now France, now Germany
appear as the " perpetual aggressor" or the aspirant
after " universal dominion ", and instead of analysing
it we make a myth of it. Until we have more scienti-
fically examined it we are as lost 5s physics was without
the understanding of gravitation. If the present strained
relations with Russia continue, then the popular and
more or less official interpretation of history current
in England for thirty years and more—the whole
" Foreign Office view of history "—is doomed by the
very laws which brought it to birth, doomed though
every other suggestion in this paper prove to be
fallacious. It is doomed to crumble and fall even if